Pictures of home in Chicago

The images featured here are part of a series "Pictures of Home" which explores people's memories of living in Chicago. To share your picture of home, please see the submission guidelines below.

Betsy Rubin, Hyde Park 1979

Betsy Rubin's mother, Hyde Park circa 1979

My mom, in her early sixties, is perched on the edge of her desk in the living room of my parents' 9th-floor co-op apartment in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. The photo is from 1979 or so.

This is a room that made me feel there was goodness in the world. My parents’ co-op apartment dated to 1929, pre-Crash: high ceilings, arches, and light flooding in. Fifty years post construction, there’s my mom, perched on her Scandinavian desk, wearing a skirt and blouse she sewed on her Singer sewing machine. Behind her are teak bookcases filled with family photos, social justice and science books, novels, and a collection of LPs (from Tom Lehrer satire to Domenico Scarlatti). By the window is a large dictionary, which my parents consulted whenever they argued over definitions. It’s quintessential mid-century Hyde Park.

-Betsy Rubin

Joshua Salzmann, Logan Square 2001

 The view from Joshua Salzmann's window, summer 2001

The view from Joshua Salzmann's window, summer 2001

When I moved from Arkansas to Chicago in the summer of 2001, I was overwhelmed by the noise. Sirens, car horns, stereos, and shouts entered through the window of my 675/month apartment at all hours.

I would watch the action. There were fights, fireworks, and gangsters tagging buildings. These things disturbed me. Other scenes, I liked. Two kindly drunk men would hang out in front of the liquor store across the street all day long. I thought of them as the neighborhood watch. And, sometimes, the kids on our block would open the fire hydrant and play in the rushing water.

-Joshua Salzmann

What does home mean to you?

We are asking Chicagoans (and suburbanites) from all walks of life to share a picture of their home and describe what it means to them. The images will be featured in a blog post on and linked to the Storied Chicago Facebook page.

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